Flap Valves

Treble R Fabrications are manufacturers of various types of Non-Return valves. Better known as Flap Valves.

Various types of Non-Return Valves / Flap Valves as listed below range between 100 mm to 3000 mm subject to the actual Non-Return Valve / Flap Valve aperture. Ranges will be determined and all Flap Valve widths and depths are available in rectangular format. On larger Flap Valves the need for a Winch Assembly can be supplied for un-restricted flow or maintenance purposes.

The material selection for Non-Return or Flap Valves will be subject to the environmental needs. Flap Valves, Frames, Doors, Hinges and Seals material can be interchanged. Subject to Water Authority specifications, Export specifications or indeed individual Plant / Location specifications, Flap Valves can be Plastic, Mild Steel treated, Timber or a various selected grade of Stainless Steel.


UPVC Frame & UPVC Door
UPVC Frame & Rubber Door
HDPE Frame & UPVC Door
SS Frame & SS Door
SS Frame &Rubber Door


Steel Frame & Steel Door
Steel Frame & HDPE Door
Steel Frame & Rubber Door
Steel Frame & Timber Door
Heavy Duty


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